Desirée Memoli grew up and lived between Salerno Napoli and Rome. She graduated with an MA in English and French Literature. At the same time she studied photography and started working as reporter.

She was deeply involved in the promotion of abandoned Unesco world Heritage sites in Campania (Campania Sparita) and sponsoring unknown museums in Rome (Lost in Rome). She analyzed the relationship between words and images. She thinks that photos and words complete and support each other constantly: this is the core of all her works. This is the reason why the titles of her photos are strictly linked to the images they belong to (Alphabet, Ad Interim). After a long study on women’s education and lifestyle she realized Demagnitized. As a result of the huge number of women died because of cancer in her area she got the idea of Trumour which is a story based on the depersonalization of the patients suffer from cancer. Actually, as a bull victim, she is working on a project about bullying.