two Unesco world heritage: Chiesa of Santa Sofia, longobards city (the longobards in Italy, places of power)

Pro: Quite and peaceful city

Cons: means of transport to get here not adequate

Benevento is a very quite city in the north of Campania, it is settle between mountains and hills. Often, this city is forgotten because it lives in the shadows of the two most famous costs of the world: the gulf of Naples and the gulf of Salerno (Amalfi Coast). Benevento has a lot of beautiful landscapes and monuments to see. It has two Unesco world heritage, the church of Santa Sofia and the whole city is considered as a longobards city. Walking through the streets of Benevento is a unique experience because you can see the union of two opposit cultures as the Ancient Rome, in classical time, and Longobards, in medieval time. You can see the old roman amphitheatre while you are looking at the contemporary buildings and you can stop and stare at the longobards walls while you are walking between bar and shops. Benevento is also known as "the city of the whitches", they say that a lot of whitches came and lived here because Benevento was a magic place, that's why here was born the famous liquor brand La Strega (it can be translated The whitch) and nowadays it is also a literary award. Unfortunatly, because of the lack of a tourist promotions, Benevento is now living in a depressing oblivion.