Unesco World Heritage

Pro: wonderful villas, particular architectures

Cons: hidden, abandoned, now condominium

The Miglio d’Oro (The golden mile) is just a street from Naples to Torre del Greco, all along the coast. The peculiarity of this mile is the villas. During the XVIII and XIX century the Kingdom of Two Sicilies was one of the most admired reign in Europe, a lot of aristocratic people wanted to have a villa here so there was a sort of competition for the best one. Unfortunately, from the unification until nowadays the Golden Mile lives a terrible decline. The nobility goes away and the villas changed into condominium. Today people can visit only few villas, just one or two was changed into hotel and the most of them are just apartment building. You can go there and try to steal a moment with your camera, there are villas which have wonderful views or frescos. They are in decay but they can still give you a vintage moment.