Unesco World Heritage

Pro: A ghost town, mysterious and emotional

Cons: an abandoned place, road dangerous

Giuseppe Spagnulo is the last citizen of Roscigno Vecchia. He looks likes a character of Hemingway's short stories: he is a lonely, mysterious, resolute, subversive, funny man. He lives all alone in one of the abandoned home in Roscingo sorrounded by lentils boxes and photos made by tourists, photographers, reporter form the whole world. He invites you to have a look to his house, he shows you the farming tools belonging to the farm museum and he also lets you see the book in which record the people who come here from Tokyo, Barcellona, New York, London. Giusepppe is witness of the growing decay in south Italy, the ghost city is totally abandoned even if it is a Unesco World Heritage, he says: "Here come tourists from all over the world, international newsparers pay attention to this little town because we are a Unesco Heritage but our governament do nothing at all. The road to get here is dangerous, and the rust is ruining everything even the big written Unesco World Heritage. What do the government do? Nothing, that's the word for everything: nothing! We're back in mediaval times! My little girl take photos because only through photos and people like you we will be remembered!" Giuseppe is the symbol of what remains, he is the emblem of survival. His words and his life is an exemple for us and, indirectly, he forces us to think about our future, our heritage. We have to be our own witnesses, we have the right not only to survive but to live so we have to fight and struggle with imagines and words. Don't give up.